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Pilar Wyman, USDA Instructor FAQ

Following are some answers to questions about my Graduate School, USDA (GS) indexing grading techniques -- for both the Basic and Applied Indexing courses. Feel free to ask more -- just e-mail me!

  • How much time does it take to grade a lesson?
    It varies greatly from lesson to lesson. Some lessons take 10-20 mintues. Lessons that include examples of entries, for example, take longer. Indexing lessons each take at least a couple of hours.

  • Since we can email you questions anytime, why can't we just email our lessons to you, too?
    Ah, but you can! And you should: submit index lessons as RTF attachments to e-mail messages (Submitting Indexes As E-Mail Attachments details exactly how to do this). Submit non-index lessons as PDF file attachments with. For all lessons, please be sure to also include as top sheet of your attachment package a Student Response Sheet.

  • I lost my cover sheets. Where do I get a new one?
    Download Student Response Sheets here.
  • How do I request the final exam? How do I request an extension?
    Final examinations and extensions are distributed from the main GS Self-Paced Training Program office at (303) 236-8500 or info@graduateschool.edu.

  • I need to take a break from the course. Can you send me the answer sheets and I'll resume the course later?
    No! However, we don't fine you if you have to take a break. Contact the main office (See the point above), and they'll process your schedule for the course accordingly.

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