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  • Key Words, bulletin of the American Society for Indexing (ASI)
    ASI is the only professional organization in the United States solely devoted to the advancement of indexing. Their award-winning site includes lists of conferences and workshops, online indexing tools and resources, indexing-related publications, and contact information for ASI.

  • Key Words: What Are Your Key Words?
    In the archives of Kathryn Kraemer Troutman, a Resume Expert, you'll find this article on the relationship between indexing and key words, as commonly used for describing job skills. "Knowing your key words and skills will be critical to the success of your next job search," Troutman says, just as critical as in any information search.

Indexing, about:

  • Famous Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Indexing
    This is a collection of quotes I accumulated: On the Need for and on the Value of Indexes, On Indexing, On Indexers, on Indexes in Fiction, and On Freelancers and Freelancing.

  • Famous and Favorite Entries
    Rolf's Date: I can read you like an open book.
    Rolf Fusco: You may find that I'm difficult to read.... when I had my appendix out, I also had them remove my index.
    The Fusco Brothers
    What is the true role of the indexer?
    "The Index," by J.G. Ballard
    Are you curious about "Indexes, importance of"? or "Indexers, who are they?" Check this page for more examples of quality indexing, both serious and humorous, real and fictional.

  • HTML Indexing -- a few hints on what it's all about
    The title says it all. This is an article I wrote for Kevin Broccoli, Broccoli Information Management's HTML Indexing course. You'll find the article at the website for the Web Indexing SIG (Special Interest Group) of ASI, which promotes the human indexing of the web and HTML documents and serves web indexers and web indexing worldwide. Their web site includes resources for indexers, sample web indexes, and a directory of web indexers.

  • Indexing FAQ (Frequently Asked/Answered Questions) File
    As NetGuide says, this "extensive FAQs covers the art of the practice, as well as the prosaic questions of salary, freelancing, and building a clientele."

  • Indexing Research
    Home of the renowned CINDEX software for professional indexers. --I use it and I wouldn't index without it. To exchange tips, tricks, and techniques to help better use Cindex, try the Cindexusers list.

    This listserv is a forum for aspiring and professional indexers. Participants share information and ideas relating to all aspects of indexing and the business of indexing. To subscribe to INDEX-L, send the message "subscribe INDEX-L [your name]" to: listserv@listserv.unc.edu.

  • Index-Manager (Idx)
    There's an amazing new tool on the market for writing embedded indexes, indexes embedded into the core (Word) document for easy export and linking: Index-Manager. Stay tuned for details and links to the English version!

  • Indexstudents-L
    The Indexstudents list is a community for beginning and experienced indexers who talk about the USDA course and other topics related to indexer education. List moderator Dan Connolly has put together a FAQ for IndexStudents that is very thorough and covers all the basics for anybody starting out in the business.

  • Inside Indexing
    Inside Indexing: The Decision-Making Process by Sherry Smith and Kari Kells, about the decision-making process of writing indexes for books, serves as a window into the minds of two back-of-the-book indexers as they each indexed the same text.

  • Other Indexers
    Information sources on the 'Net also include other professional indexers. Here is a listing of some of my indexing colleagues' home pages which are especially informative.

  • Science and Medicine SIG (Special Interest Group) (Sci/Med SIG) of ASI
    The Sci/Med SIG Web site resource guide is quite useful, as is its listing of indexers who specialize in science and medicine.

  • Texyz.com
    Home of the semi-automatic back-of-the-book indexing tool TExtract.

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