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For Students of USDA Indexing Courses

New Material!

  • Basic and Applied Indexing are now accepting index lessons via e-mail! For Basic Indexing, this is lessons 4, 5, 6, 8, and 11. For Applied Indexing, this is lessons 2-6. Submitting Indexes As E-Mail Attachments details how you should send your index lessons. I will accept non-index lessons via e-mail if you convert them to PDF files.
  • Be sure to submit all your lessons with a completed Student Response Sheet so that I can mail your lessons to you directly, while I e-mail your grade to headquarters: Student Response Sheet.

EDIT3360C instructors: (left to right) Elspeth Pope, Kari Kells, and Pilar Wyman.

While you're Waiting
Dawn Spencer has written a great article, "Over 80 Productive Things to Do" that outlines tangible ways you can prepare for a career in freelance indexing. Many students use this as a checklist as they wait for USDA lessons to be returned.

Speeding up the Process
Kari Kells, another USDA Basic Indexing instructor, has a great set of suggestions for speeding up the process. I see no sense in rewriting the page for my own students, as my recommendations are virtually identical to hers! (As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me any time.)

Supplemental Readings and Resources
In addition to Kari's Supplemental readings, I recommend you review the Indexing info page here at my web site, if you haven't already.

Additional resources are available via Martha Osgood's Novice Notes: Resources for Prospective Indexers.

Questions about indexing & my grading
For quick feedback and networking with other students, I recommend you subscribe and post questions to the indexStudents list. IndexStudents is a great place for students of indexing to find guidance, hints, encouragement, and support from others learning indexing and from professional indexers who are comfortable fielding questions from new and potential indexers. See also FAQ about me as an instructor.

Contacting USDA GS
Contact the main GS Self-Paced Training Program office for administrative-type information (such as getting an extension, requesting your final examination, etc.) or other general course information: (303) 236-8500 or info@graduateschool.edu.

For more information about the indexing courses, visit the Graduate School online here.

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