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  • Bruce Colburn, Artiste Peintre extraordinaire.

  • The Grolier Club of New York City treats books as objects worthy of display, and has mounted >500 exhibitions on topics from Blake to Kipling, from chess to murder mysteries, and more. There are four exhibitions a year, all open to the public free of charge.

  • Instructional Resources Corporation's Digital History Collection provides libraries of images and soundbytes that can be used for home schooling or in the classroom.

  • Jefferson Waterman International provides international representation in the U.S. Congress; White House; Departments of State, Defense, Treasury, and Commerce; intelligence community; National Security Council; as well as foreign delegations, international organizations, and to the media.

  • St. John's College, home of the Great Books program, with campuses in Annapolis, MD and Santa Fe, NM.

  • Wilderness River Adventures provides Grand Canyon whitewater river rafting on the Colorado River. Their river rafting tours and trips are perfect for family vacations and wilderness adventure seekers. Trips range from a few days to two weeks and feature stops in Glen Canyon, Lee’s Ferry, Bar Ten Ranch, Phantom Ranch, and many other Grand Canyon favorites. Their trips invigorate the spirit like no other. Ask for Mike, Allen, Ariel, or Christina, boatmen and swampers who will give you the ride of your life!

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